</i-CAM>™ is an exciting premium technology education program, exposing your child to the latest and greatest in modern technology.


Our curriculum uniquely includes a full MONTH devoted to Minecraft - one of the hottest educational tools out there today! Using a game your child is sure to love, we maximize engagement, learning and fun!


Our program includes hands-on learning that'll have your child asking for more: making their own creations using a 3D printer, sorting LEGOs with a Raspberry Pi, and using machine learning in novel and innovative ways! We dive into things that other courses simply do not, and make everything easy to understand for children of all ages. Our courses are taught by industry professionals and tailored to your child.

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<i-CAM>™ Monthly Themes:


Minecraft & Roblox Fun!


This month, students will be using Minecraft Education to learn some of the basics of programming through a game they love!

Students will be learning how to program using Roblox as well, where they will be able to create and program their own worlds!


Virtual Machine Learning!


This month, students will be using Scratch and Python to teach a program to learn to recognize text, numbers, sounds, and images. By the end of the month, students will be ready to continue their learning into the quickly growing field of artificial intelligence!


Want Some Pie? Raspberry Pi!


This month, students will be using Python to program a Raspberry Pi in order to complete a variety of projects. The final project will include a color sorter that can be used to sort LEGOs!


3D Print Your Favorites!


Ever want to make your very own monster? Or design a new plant? Your imagination is the limit for i-CAM’s 3D printing course, where you will learn the basics of 3D printing! From how a 3D printer works to creating your own 3D model, you will be able to bring your imagination to reality, where your creation will be printed and delivered to your doorstep!


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