Features: • Portable Design ~ Durable and heavy duty. Easy to store at home or in the suitcase • Simple Operation ~ Easy to use. Push button ON/OFF, reset and switch measurement units. • 50kg Max Weight Capacity • Battery and Overload Indicator ~ The built-in indicator alerts when your battery is low or when your bag is overloaded. Once battery is low, replace it with a CR2032 lithium cell. • Bright LCD Screen ~ Clear screen both day and night. High visibility displaying accurate readings. Specification: • Weight Capacity: 50kg / 110lb • Scale Functions: Zero, Tare • Unit Measurements: Weight: Lb/ Kg, Temperature: F°/ C° • Power: 1x 3v Lithium Cell (CR2032) • Low battery / overload indication Package Includes: 1x Digital Luggage Scale (CR2032 lithium cell battery not Included) 1x User Manual How to Use: To use, loop the strap of the digital luggage scale to your bags handle, hook it with the metal connector and lift your bag. The ergonomic design gives a comfortable grip while weighing. The large digital display makes it easy to read the weight. Seller Details: • Website: • Email: [email protected] • Text: 0276284084 Website


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