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Connected TV is Bringing Massive Results!

We all know how powerful TV advertising is. 

With over 150 million internet connected devices, video advertising has never been more affordable. eMarketer estimates that the number of connected TV users will rise to 204.1 million in 2022 representing 60.1% of the population. Also according to eMarketer, ad dollars flowing to CTV platforms come from a combination of linear TV and digital video budgets. 

That’s why we offer a new introductory program to make it easy to get your video ads on TV. 

Advertisers now have the ability to serve video ads on a number of connected TVs, game consoles, streaming devices, and more. Our goal is to deliver high quality video ads on all devices that people watch when they’re most engaged.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, connected TV and OTT (Over the Top TV) offers ads that are non skippable at up a 90% video completion rate which makes them highly effective. Targeting options for our video ads include 1200 different networks, from MTV and VH1, BET, ESPN, Hulu, Fox News, A&E, Discovery, History Channel, AMC, NBC, ABC, Disney, Comcast, Dish Network, Direct TV, Bloomberg, MSN, NFL, Univision, NHL, Futbol, NBA, Viacom, Roku, Samsung, etc...

Here are some of the industries our ads work great for:

Real Estate
Home Services
App Marketing
SAAS Marketing
Personal Financial Services
Business Finance Services
Personal Services
Business Services
Marketing Services
Health Services

Targets Based on:


SPECIAL: Introductory Campaign $250


  • Up to 2 Networks
  • Campaign Setup - audience targeting, location, duration, and network/show inventory selection
  • 250,000 views on 30 second video
  • URL Click Tracking
  • Phone # for Tracking - IVR, Call and/or Text Forwarding (optional)
  • QR Code (optional)

We help you find your target audience where they are consuming content on the internet, TV, radio and podcasts.

SPECIAL: Campaign PLUS $495

Increased to 1,000,000 views on 30 second video
complimentary commercial video creation included

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