Paris in the summer of 1942. France is occupied by the Germans. Edmond Batignole, a small businessman, understood his situation. Until the day when a little Jewish boy forces him to take a stand and make him a hero of everyday life. Edmond, whose future son-in-law Pierre-Jean is actively collaborating with the Germans, accidentally accuses the deportation of his neighboring Jewish family. When Simon, the neighbor's son, comes home one evening, he realizes that Edmond and his family are now living in his family's house. Edmond, who feels guilty and wants to avoid trouble with the Germans, hides the boy in his cellar. Soon, Simon's little cousins, Sarah and Guila, who are also orphans by the war, will be added. Although it is more and more difficult to hide the children from his family and from Colonel Spreich, Edmond is closing them more and more. He puts everything on a map and decides to bring it to the borderSwiss . But that's where her problems really start

* Mr. Batignole *

90 minutes in french dolby digital


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