Description is a well-known Importer and Manufacturer of Mimaki TS500-1800 Gen5 Printhead ( Officially located in , , Indonesia, the company is not just restricted towards selling Thermal Printheads, but also supplies other products like books & stationery. The starting prices for these Thermal Printheads are from USD 504 per Printhead being the maximum per unit along with a minimum order quantity 1 Printhead. The preferred shipment location is Indonesia with production capability up to 100 Printhead and delivery time of approx 7 - 12 Working Days. is situated in , , Indonesia and manufactures and exports the products from Indonesia into different parts of the world. Customers have the advantage of making payments through T/T, L/C, etc. is also facilitating its customers with a vast range of freight options like FOB, DAF, and the customers can pay through different modes of currencies like IDR,USD, and many more.


Head materials SST, Nickel alloy, Epoxy Adhesive
Number of nozzles Four 320 nozzles
Nozzle spacing 0.1693 mm
Nozzle density up to 600 npi
Nozzle plate surface Coated SST
Piezo type D33 Stacked PZT
Native drop volume 7 pl
Drop volume range 7 - 35 pl
Drop velocity 7 m/s
Jetting frequency Up to 60 kHZ
Temperature control Integrated Heater and Thermistor
Operator temperature range Up to 80° C
Life 100 billion actuations per nozzle
Dimensions 89 x 25 x 69 mm (not include cables)



Email Adress : Blank Contact No : 81396155657



Medan, Medan City, North Sumatra, Indonesia