Mega Who is an entertaining game that is perfect for outdoor activities and gatherings. This game is something that will catch everyone’s eye and can be enjoyed playing with friends and family. Mega Who is just like the traditional game, but on a much bigger scale.

Also, the mega version of this game makes it perfect to have at a party, social gathering and even weddings. Mega Who is a simple yet interesting game that kids and adults can both enjoy playing equally. If you are looking for something extraordinary then why not offer your customers/patrons the best of what is the ONLY ONE IN AUSTRALIA!

Mega Who Includes the following:

  • 4 Red multiple frames that make the Red board (length 2 m)
  • 4 Blue multiple Frames that make the Blue board (length 2 m)
  • 1 Red single frame that holds the card of your player
  • 1 Blue single frame that holds the card of your player
  • Rack Legs Included
  • 3 Sets of 24 Cards (Blue, Red and White) 30 x 38 cm

For Ages 3+ Years

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