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About Course:
Level 1: 3 Modules
- Modules 1 to 3 contains exercises that can be completed without tools.
- Learn all about automotive control units all from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.
- This set includes exercises to assist you getting started with eeproms and hex files after this class you will be able to manually code 4c Toyotas! includes Toyota virgin files add a eeprom programmer and your in business making money!
­- Includes training on software to remove immobilizers also known as making open boxes also known as Immo off, Immo Defeat.
- Includes instructions to manually Immo off some popular vehicles like Toyota D4d.
- Learn How to manually code and check Ford Bantam Boxes.
- Finding Pin no from Immo Dumps.
- Finding Radio unlock codes.
- Learn How to remove crash Data from Airbags.
...And Many More!

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