Hi everyoneand fellow bladers! I\'ve planned to sell my extra beyblades and layer with the following: 1. Red Air Knight from Random Layer 1 for $5 2. Random Booster Vol 13 - $11 each *Air Knight.11.Fr x 2 *Revive Phoenix.12.F\'x2 *Hazard Kerbeus.4.Mr\'x3 *Dranzer Flame.10T.Sw 3. Bloody Longinus(Brutal Luinor L4).3.P from Random Booster Vol 14 for $11 If your friends/relatives/colleagues/family members/traders are looking for these/this beyblades and/or layer, please inform me in advance. For traders, if you have customers overseas, please let me know before hand. If you are interested, please do not hestiate to contact me Mr Lau at 96965227 or 90478365 to negotiate the price. Note: If you cannot make it on the day itself, please authorize someone to collect on your behalf. Please do avoid unnecessary conveniences, such as becoming uncontactable, making last minute changes, and so on...


Email Adress : Blank Contact No : +65 96965227