ClimbA is the ultimate climbing play equipment for toddlers. It is made out of high-quality hardwood and thus offers long term durability and stability. Also, you can easily store and assemble ClimbA in few minutes without any trouble. Since, it comes with a Hex key you won’t require any other tool to assemble this climbing equipment.

Toddlers are always on the move and as a result they try to climb on any furniture around the house. This could lead to some unwanted incidents which could hurt the child, but this doesn’t stop them from being active. ClimbA is one solution to this since it enables toddlers to burn some energy in a safe environment. Climbing up and down the equipment not only helps toddlers with dexterity but also to develop fine motor skills. ClimbA will be a great addition for any toddler as climbing also helps them to strengthen muscles in their back, arms and legs. Other than this, toddlers will be entertained and occupied for hours while playing with ClimbA.

Since, building an environment for toddlers where they can explore their abilities and develop skills as they grow is very important. ClimbA is one such climbing toy that promotes nothing but safety, hand-eye coordination, strength and much more.


ClimbA Includes:

  • 1 Pikler Hardwood Frame (with a water base clear varnish finish)
  • Hex Key for Assembling
  • ClimbA will be Flatpacked for required Assembly

Dimensions: Height: 73cm, Length: 82cm, Width: 82cm

Dowel Thickness: 3cm

Weight Limit: 50kg

Recommended Ages: 3+ Years.

Safety Tested: Successfully tested for Australian & NZ safety standards

AS/ NZS ISO 8124.1
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.2
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.3

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