Faulty Toilet Cistern Flush? - Whatsapp, Text or phone James on 07531984173. For that Cistern Flush handle that needs to be pumped repeatedly before it works. Or the push button Cistern that\'s allowing water to continually run into the WC bowl. The noise of it filling can be annoying at night not to mention the wastage of water. Or even more annoying the Toilet Cistern that takes 3 months to refill to the embarrassment of your visitors! For all the above and for all other faults with Cisterns, or other unrelated plumbing issues we are the Specialists. Serving the Belfast, Crumlin, Castlereagh, Carryduff, Newtownabbey and Lisburn Communities with over 20 years in Plumbing experience we are just a Text or Phone Call away. Website


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