S1700 Series Enterprise Switches Innovative energy-saving design All S1700 series switches are based on a fan-free design, which reduces power consumption • and noise. • The S1700 supports Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), which enables the switch to enter a power-saving mode when traffic is light. • The S1700 can adjust the power output for transmissions based on the cable length. It can also set any ports that are not transmitting traffic to sleep mode. Non-blocking and high-speed forwarding • All S1700 ports provide Layer 2 wire-speed forwarding capabilities to ensure non-blocking packet forwarding. S1700 models provide optical and electrical GE uplink ports, which facilitate user access and are cost-effective. • The S1700 MAC address table supports up to 8 K of MAC addresses, making it easy to expand networks and deploy new services. Convenient management and maintenance • The S1700 is easy to manage and maintain, being equipped with a one-key operation button on the front panel. • Web-managed S1700 models come with a web network management system, making it easy to configure switches. • SNMP-based S1700 models allow for the use of an SNMP-based NMS for centralized configuration and management. Powerful security performance • The S1700 provides a range of security features, including 802.1x, RADIUS, and NAC. The S1700 also supports packet filtering based on MAC addresses or ports in order to defend against hackers and virus attacks. Great networking and bandwidth extensibility • The S1700 provides LACP, STP, RSTP, and MSTP functions to implement link aggregation and backup. SNMP-based switches support up to eight MSTP instances for flexible networking. For more info please visit: S1700-52GFR-4P-AC Brands Huawei Product Code: S1700-52GFR-4P-AC Availability: In Stock Website


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