Clear Up Spills And Messes With Ettore Floor Squeegees

When faced with lots of fluids on the floor – going for the mop and bucket can make you end up spending hours on the task, depending on the size of the floor space being covered. Flooding incidents in the facility also come into the picture, where time is of the essence, since you need to get rid of those copious amounts of fluids before they destroy more of the property. Instead of sweating it out as you soak up the fluids, wring the yarn mop, and keep repeating the process, simply push the liquid off the property with a floor squeegee. These convenient tools work with the same functionality as window squeegees, with the goal being to clear out the fluids and speed up the drying time of the floor. Ettore, an industry leader in window care, has also provided floor squeegees to add to the professional cleaner’s toolkit. Let’s take a look at some of the products that are available for you to pick from.

Wipe 'n Dry Floor Squeegee

This floor squeegee comes with a Dura-Flex Natural closed-cell Moss Rubber blade, that doesn’t absorb the liquids that are being pushed off the surface, and enables you to clear the water and chemicals from the floor faster. This rubber blade can be used on a wide range of surfaces, from driveways and sidewalks, to decks, industrial sites and more. It is effective on both smooth and uneven surfaces, which sees it being used across the board, from tile to brick flooring. With the galvanised steel frame holding the squeegee, you won’t have to worry about rusting, and it also enables the unit to last for longer. You can acquire this squeegee with or without the handle. Speaking of which, it is compatible with the popular tapered handles out in the market.

There are some of Ettore Wipe 'n Dry models that come with additional features, such as the:
Wipe 'n Dry Floor Squeegee With Brush – where the polypropylene-bristle brush comes in to loosen up the impediments that are encountered while cleaning the fluids from the floor. That way, you get to brush and squeegee the floor surface in the same motion.
Wipe 'n Dry Floor Squeegee With Splash Guards & Brush – here you get to benefit from the different features of the complete squeegee, from the 98% closed-cell moss rubber that’s highly effective even on irregular surfaces, the polypropylene bristles for the dual squeegee and brush action, plus the splash guards that come in to ensure that the fluids don’t go spilling over as you continue with the task.

Ettore Straight, Steel Floor Squeegee

With this unit, you get enhanced resistance to most chemicals, solvents and paints, and it moves large quantities of water with each stroke. This is due to the chemical-resistant neoprene blade of the unit. The galvanised steel construction of the unit enables it to resist corrosion as well. It comes in 24" and 36" sizes.

Ettore Straight, Aluminium Floor Squeegee

The lighter aluminium squeegee reduces that amount of energy that is spent when working on the different surfaces. You can use it on a wide range of surfaces, from decks to patios and factory floors. Aluminium is also resistant to rusting, and this – coupled with the sturdy nature of the metal squeegee, means that you will get extended usage out of the unit purchased.

Industrial Floor Squeegees

When it comes to factory floors, there are lots of chemicals that are handled. From caustic reagents to harsh solvents, when these get spilled onto the floor, they can’t be left unattended to, thus the need to have quick and efficient squeegees nearby. However, in these situations, there is the added issue of the chemicals becoming a threat to the squeegee itself, reacting with the material and causing it to lose its structural integrity. As such, you want to work with equipment that will be able to withstand the tough conditions, while still getting the job done. For these, Ettore has got you covered with its neoprene squeegees.

The Ettore Industrial Floor Squeegees come with a replaceable neoprene blade, a material that is widely used in factories due to its suitable properties. From manufacturing protective wet suits and even gloves, to the low cost associated with the synthetic rubber – which means that the end product comes with a budget-friendly price tag, it also contributes to the widespread popularity of the material. For the industrial floor squeegees, the neoprene enables them to be used to clear everything from oil, petroleum, grease, to potent solvents that may be on the floor, while retaining its structural integrity. What’s more, the Ettore Industrial Floor Squeegees also have a galvanised steel frame, giving them durability and resistance to corrosion. The rugged steel scraping edge on these units adds to their cleaning power as well. The popular 24” Ettore Industrial Floor Squeegee in particular also comes complete with a handle.

Poles For Ettore Floor Squeegees

The brand provides poles that are used with the floor squeegees. One of the benefits of sourcing for the units from Ettore is the intercompatibility of the different products, such as where you have a pole being used for both window and floor squeegees.

Wooden Pole Handle

This pole comes with a smooth finish, and is available in 54- and 60-inch options. The tapered tip of the pole enables it to be used with a wide range of squeegees. Both variations of the wooden floor squeegee handles are available in 12 units per case.

Ettore Utility Handle

Here you have a lightweight pole that is 60 inches long, which can be used with broom, mops and floor squeegees from the brand. There are two variations of this handle: one with a threaded tip, and the other with a tapered tip. They each come in 6 units per case.

Lightweight metal handles

These 60” units also come with a tapered tip, and are available in 12 handles per case.

Clear Up Spills And Messes With Ettore Floor Squeegees



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