If you are using an HP printer unit, you know HP smart app's Print Anywhere feature can help you piece of filter paper anywhere at any time. This feature allows users to use mobile devices running Ios or android, and computers running Windows 10 and macOS, to check HP Smart App Download status, and to submit print jobs while you are away from your printer. In this post, we'll direct users on your Desktop and Laptop systems to use the Download HP Smart App Setup.

Steps Needed for Downloading the Hp Printer

To install the app on your pc, go to the Windows and Apple stores.
Now, on your operating system, open up the HP smart software.
You need to tap on the option to continue with the setup once your HP printer is shown on the list.
If you do not see your printer on the window, press it.

Were you able to follow the download process for the HP smart app setup? If not, contact the specialist practitioners and apply the solution according to their advice. 24*7 is available to provide the service.

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