Let's Setup Powerful E-Commerce Email Flows in Klaviyo!


Hello friend,


My name is Taimoor / Timmy and can help you set up e-commerce sales funnels in Klaviyo.


I have helped e-commerce brands get started with email marketing and generate revenue from it through powerful email flows and campaigns.


I have been doing email marketing for almost 10 years now and am also a Klaviyo Partner.


I can help your store grow by:


1 - Setting up email flows/automation in Klaviyo to nurture and convert leads


2 - Creating beautiful pop-ups that capture leads 


3 - Segmenting your subscriber list 


I will set up the following flows for you: 


1 - Abandoned Cart (To recover lost sales)


2 - Browse Abandonment Flow (To engage interested prospects)


3 - Setup Welcome Series (To nurture and convert new leads)


4 - Customer Appreciation Flow (To thank customers and build a better relationship)


5 - Win-back Flows (To win-back lapsed customers)


6 - Post Purchase Flow (To increase customer lifetime value or CLV)


Again, I appreciate your being here! Simply send me a message and we will get started!


NOTE: Please send me a message before placing the order!Thanks


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Email Adress : [email protected] Contact No : 07036348700



Offa, Nigeria