The Lost Book of Herbal remedies can benefit you in the long run because in today’s industrialized world, the use of herbal medicine is rapidly increasing. It is a book specifically designed for those who appreciate the herbal treatments rather than using the complementary medicines for treating illnesses like high blood pressure, swollen joints or even spider bites.


This book is of great benefit if you live far from urban areas or if you run away from crowded hospitals like me because this will aid you in learning various herbal strategies to cure a majority of illnesses. Here I would like to outline some of the benefits of this book:


  • You will be able to find more than 550 effective remedies made from medicinal plants
  • With this book, you will now be able to identify the healing plants and lichens found easily everywhere
  • You can also prepare relieving extracts by using a very common weed
  • Say good-bye to the conventional medicines that comes with so many side effects
  • Explore lots of items in your kitchen’s cabinet that healing properties


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