Automatic Disinfection Chamber Booth in Nigeria by Hiphen Solutions Solutions Services Ltd

*Product features:*

1. Infrared human body temperature measurement with high temperature alarm

2. Hands are sterilized by UV spray without contact

3. Control the disinfection level steadily to ensure the disinfection effect

4. Food grade disinfectant to ensure human safety

5. Ultrasonic atomization system, non-head-on fog

6. Automatic Indicator for low liquid, self-stop protection

7. Channel lighting (easy to use at night)

8. Intelligent non-contact temperature measurement

9. Food grade intelligent induction disinfection

10. Quick disinfection of virus in the disinfection area

11. Food-grade disinfectant, safe and reliable

12. Can effectively kill various germs, intelligent induction spray, without manual Operation

13. Non-contact Hand Sanitizer induction spray, safe and hygienic

14. Spray method:Ultrasonic atomization

15. Spray control method:Microwave induction start, delay stop (delay adjustable 5-60 seconds)

16. Transparent Self Priming Curtain

17. Disinfection tank capacity:16L

18. Hand Sanitizer: Automatic Induction. Capacity : 1000ml

19. Starts Humand Body Disinfection Automatic on Motion Sensor

20. Working principle:Ultrasonic Atomization

21. Face Recognition (Optional)

22. Face Mask Wearing Reminder (Optional)

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