my name is Steven Lee, I am a qualified and experienced HSC Chemistry Tutor with more than 20 years experience. I have helped many students achieve band 6 and better with an emphasise on syllabus content. I thoroughly explain concepts and principles and apply it to problem solving and long long responses. Furthermore I assist students with assignments and depth studies guiding them in the scientific process and theory. I also help with exam preparation and provide a vast array of trial and past papers. I am situated in the local Burwood area and can have face to face classes, however students can also choose online classes. I teach students from prelimiansry to senior HSC course and focus on topics of atomic structure and bonding, drivers of reaction, equilibrium, acid and base equilibrium, organic chemistry and application of chemical ideas. For more information please contact 0433089616.


Email Adress : [email protected] Contact No : 0433089616



Burwood NSW, Australia