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On this occasion, we are collecting pictures with text in them. This will help improve our client’s AI tool, for better automatic translations.

The project is very simple. You only need to:

Own a phone with a camera to take pictures.
Have access to a good internet connection, so you can upload your pictures.
Follow some simple guidelines that we will provide.
Take pictures with text belonging to one of our categories. These include a variety of topics, like book covers, posters, prescriptions, menus, tables, etc.
Speak English so you can communicate with our team.
The text in the pic MUST be in one of the following languages:
Arabic, German, Polish, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish, English, Korean, Turkish, French, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Croatian, Romanian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Serbian, Slovak

You don’t have to be fluent in the language, but you MUST be based in a country where one of the above languages is spoken, so you can take pictures.

We will then pay per valid picture. Guidelines and instructions will be provided so you understand what makes a valid pic.

If you'd be interested to apply, please visit the link below for more info:

Web Site


Email Adress : [email protected] Contact No : 4252338578