Giant checkers is the perfect game for fun outdoor activities and parties. It is also very easy to carry and you can enjoy this game in your backyard, lawn or at parks near you. The pieces of giant checkers are made of very strong and durable materials, which makes them waterproof, UV protected and stable in all weather conditions. The Giant Checkers set can also withstand any outdoor elements and retain its original colour. So, you can be sure about having this larger than life game for a very long period of time.

The Giant Checkers set is also very light in weight. Each of the pieces can be moved quite easily to ensure that you have the most convenient flow of play. With Giant Checkers you can make some amazing memories with family and friends that can last for a life time.

Giant Checkers Includes:

  • 12 black checkers pieces & 12 checkers white pieces (each checkers piece is 9cm high with a base diameter of 25 cm)
  • 6 plastic rods for making kings
  • 3 m x 3 m nylon mat
  • Rule-book

For Ages 3+ Years.

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