Giant Ships is a great game that can be a lot of fun when played with family and friends. This wooden game is perfect to have while having a party, social gathering or any event. It can even be turned into a drinking game for those who are old enough to drink. Giant Ships is described easiest as a guessing game for two people, but can also be played in groups of two. The giant version of this great game makes it more unique and fun.


Giant Ships Includes:

  • 20mm Varnished Plywood Board
  • 126cm x 60cm x 60cm when unfolded
  • 63cm x 60cm x 6cm when folded
  • 5 Ships Each Player
  • 34 Red and 166 White pins
  • Two Vanished Wooden Boxes for Pins.
  • Rules Included.

Ages 6+ Years

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