When creation began to happen, the first ’form’ that it took was that of a Linga, hence ‘linga’ means ‘the form’. Mukhalinga, as the name says, means linga with a face; carved here in the visible four faces in all four cardinal directions and the fifth, invisible one, faces upwards emerging from the top of the shaft. A Pancha-Mukhalinga Shiva Linga Sculpture (linga with five faces of Shiva) represents Shiva’s five aspects- Mahadeva (east face), Uma (north face-face of Parvati), fire (south face), Nandi (west face), and Sadashiva (top face) and this icon of these five aspects represents the entire universe. This jade aventurine carved Mukhalinga is a visible form of the mantra ‘Namaha Shivaya’, where the five syllables of this mantra embody the five elements- air, water, fire, ether, and earth.

Shiva Sculptures


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