This was about two years ago when the TRIBER was just newly launched. I studied the Renault TRIBER specifications and they sure appealed to me.As I approached the car for the test drive, I noticed its attractiveexterior

The first thing that caught my attention was the length, width, and height of the TRIBER

The Renault TRIBER specifications mentioned in the brochure pegged the length, width, and height as 3990 mm, 1739 mm, and 1643 mm respectively. This meant that unlike the conventional 7-seaters carsin the market, the TRIBER had a shorter turning radius and was easier to manage in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The shorter length also meant that the car was far more agile in city driving conditions.

The next thing I saw was the power of the TRIBER’s engine

The 1L petrol engine produced a maximum power of 72PS at 6250 RPM and maximum torque at 96NM at 3500 RPM. This meant that the engine was efficient and provided enough power to exhilarate.

The 40L petrol tank of the TRIBER easily gave it a very long range before refueling.

Renault TRIBER Interior
I checked the car from inside and the moment I stepped into the driver’s seat, I was impressed with the space management inside the TRIBER.The Renault TRIBER specifications mentioned in the brochure did say that the car has an interior storage space of up to 24 L to store all travel essentials and a boot space of 625L, but I was impressed with the way these spaces were designed keeping the passenger ergonomics in mind.

Modular Seating Arrangement

The most interesting part of the Renault TRIBER specification was the modular seating arrangement. Within seconds, the car could be turned into a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or a 7-seater! The remaining space can then be used to store luggage or even a full-sized bicycle.


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