Cheap Paving Block Services in Kebagusan
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Cheap Paving Block Services in Kebagusan
Paving Block Prices – You are on our website as a paving block manufacturer that offers the lowest prices for block blocks with the best service quality. Only we will serve you well and provide the cheapest paving block prices and installation services. On this occasion we will provide you with information about the latest and cheapest paving block prices, but before we give you a price quote, we will give you information about the types of paving blocks and installation patterns.

Paving Block / Conblock
Paving Block is one of the most widely used building materials in Indonesia. The main reason for using paving blocks is to be able to absorb water. Of course this is very different from us using cast concrete for roads which cannot absorb water, and sometimes create puddles, even floods.

Paving block or also known as conblock is a printed stone made of mixed building materials in the form of cement and sand with a certain ratio. The price of this Paving Block Block does not only have 1 variation, but there are many variations. Starting from various shapes and designs, to colors that can be adjusted to meet consumer needs.

Paving block or conblock is one of the materials commonly used for coating roads, terraces, pedestrian sidewalks, garages and others. There are many models and types of paving blocks that can suit your needs ranging from brick paving blocks, hexagon paving blocks, trihex paving blocks, worm paving blocks, square tile paving blocks. Paving blocks use the following raw materials: cement, sand, water and other materials and are made in various patterns to suit your needs.

There are specifications on the paving blocks that determine the strength ranging from K225, K250, K300, K350. But our factory is more focused on production with K300 quality and even more to maintain customer satisfaction. In Indonesia, the brick paving block model and the worm paving block model are the most widely used. Many factors affect the price of the block, for that you must first understand the raw materials used before knowing the price of Paving Block.

Advantages of Paving Blocks:

Having good water absorption The absorption capacity of
paving blocks maintains the balance of groundwater to support concrete
The relatively lighter weight of paving blocks compared to concrete and asphalt makes the main support so that the foundation of your house is stable
Being a good water absorption and can ensure the availability of water around your home or place of business
Purpose of Using Conblock
Of course everyone has their own reasons why they want to use this one material for the streets or their yard. JABODETABEK Paving Block Prices Below we will summarize some of the reasons and purposes for using this block. Just take a look below.

1. Maintaining Water Availability
As we mentioned above, this paving block can absorb water where water will enter the soil. By installing paving blocks, we will indirectly help and facilitate the absorption of water in the soil.

The amount of water that will absorb into the soil will certainly maintain the availability of groundwater around the house. Price of Paving Block JABODETABEK With this large supply of ground water, we will be very easy to use it, especially during the dry season. We can drill to make wells and we can use the water for our daily needs.

2. Stabilizing the Building Above The
water that will seep into the ground can maintain stability and maintain the balance of ground water. Of course, this will greatly affect the building above it. Price of Paving Block JABODETABEK This is because groundwater will maintain the foundation of the building around it and make it more stable and safe.

Therefore, it would be better if we always maintain the stability of this groundwater to protect our homes and our neighbors.

3. Value of Beauty
You need to know that this paving block has various types of different shapes and colors. You can choose the type and color of this paving block from the paving block sellers around your area. Price Paving Block JABODETABEK That way you can easily make variations of the pattern and color of paving blocks for your home page, garden, or carport.

Paving Block Prices
Thus, the home page that you install this block looks more beautiful and also doesn't look monotonous. Price Paving Block JABODETABEK ( Jakarta , Bogor, Depok ,Tangerang and Bekasi) Moreover, on the Internet there are many models that you can follow to organize this block paving.

4. Resistant to All Weather
We know that Indonesia only has 2 weather conditions, namely rainy and dry. We must all know that the condition of the construction material will be greatly influenced by several factors, one of which is hot and cold weather from rainwater and sunlight. Price Paving Block JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) From these factors there will be a shrinkage or expansion.

By installing paving blocks, it will be possible for one block to be more flexible to adapt to repeated shrinkage and expansion. Price of Paving Block JABODETABEK (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi) Of course this is very different from concrete or asphalt cast roads which will be easier to shrink and expand.

5. Cheaper Prices
For the price of this paving block depending on the quality, color, and also the model. Paving Block Prices, The quality of paving blocks that are usually used in homes will be very different from the paving blocks used on public roads that are widely used by vehicles.

Price Paving Block JABODETABEK But it would be nice if you want to install this paving block use the highest quality. This is because it will be more durable and also not easy to crack.

6. Beautify the Page
You need to know that there is a type of paving called grass block. This paving will allow grass to grow on the sidelines of the grass block. Paving Block Price This will certainly give a more natural feel and make the home page more natural.

In addition, the existence of this grass also has other functions. The function is to absorb ultraviolet light from the sun and at the same time not reflect it around. We know for ourselves, the price of Paving Block that this ultraviolet light is very dangerous if it is exposed to the skin which can cause skin cancer.

7. Lighter
Due to its small and separate shape makes it lighter in weight and also very easy to move around. Price of Paving Blocks In addition, this will make it easier for us or the seller of paving blocks in storage before use.

Not only that, the installation is also quite easy and fast. This Paving Block price will be very different from the use of asphalt or concrete where the installation takes a long time and of course we have to wait for it to dry.

Types of Paving Blocks The
types of Paving Blocks available in the market are very diverse that you can choose from. Starting from the shape, size, color, to the pattern on the block. Paving Block Prices Below are several types of concrete stones that you can choose and find in the market and you can use them as an alternative to cover the surface of your yard. You can adjust this type of concrete brick according to your individual needs and tastes.

1. Brick Type Paving
This type of brick paving is the most common type and we often encounter in the market and the streets. This type of block is also widely used by contractors, contractors, and developers because it is considered the cheapest, practical, and easy installation process.

As the name implies, it is also often referred to as a long truepave because it is rectangular. Usually the size of this paving is 21 x 10.5 cm. Price Paving Block Besides having a function to cover the ground, this truepave comes in a choice of quality, namely K-300 to K-500 which is of good quality to withstand even heavy vehicle loads.

2. Worm Type Paving (Zig-Zag)
In addition to the type of brick that we often encounter on the streets, we also often encounter this type of worm or zigzag concrete on roads and housing. The price of this Paving Block / Conblock is usually also called an interpave which has a K-300 to K-400 quality. Surely this is very good for holding the vehicle's weight well.

Not only because of its strength, the Price of Paving Blocks, another factor that causes this type of paving to be hunted by buyers is that the resulting pattern is very attractive, unique, and different from most types. Paving Block Price For its size, usually measuring 22.5 x 11.2 cm with a thickness of 6 to 8 cm.

3. Trihex Type Paving
For the installation process, this type of paving is somewhat more difficult. Although the installation is complicated, it does not make the Indonesian people abandon this trihex paving. Paving Block Price To be combined with other types, this trihex can only be installed with one pattern and cannot be combined with other types.

But because that's what makes this type so unique. The pattern that will be produced from this paving combination is already very unique thanks to the presence of three small sized hexagons. Paving Block Price For its own strength, this type of paving block is lower than the two types above. Therefore, this trihex type paving is only used for the front yard or garden to make it look more aesthetic.

4. Paving Type Hexagon (Hexagon)
If you often walk in green residential areas or parks, surely you will often find paving blocks with this hexagon shape. Well, the price of this hexagon paving block is very often the main choice to be used as a road pavement coating or for a home page.

Besides being strong, this type of paving also has a unique appearance coupled with a variety of color affixes. Paving Block Price Of course this will add to the aesthetic value of the environment.

5. Large Tile Type Paving
This type of paving is also called a large full pave which has the same function as a half pave. However, in terms of size and strength, the price of this full pave Paving Block has double the size compared to the halpave, which is 21 x 21 cm. Of course this will make it stronger to withstand a fairly heavy load.

Therefore, do not be surprised if this type of paving is used to coat the ground surface in the house, especially for the garage.

6. Small Tile Type Paving
This small tile paving is also known as halfpave. Paving is also often used to coat a narrow yard. This is because its size is about 10.5 x 10.5 cm only. Paving Block Prices Surely this paving will display its own uniqueness and give a strong minimalist impression on your modern home page.

7. Bishop's Hat Type
Paving This type of paving will usually be used as a true pave edge lock when applied in a zigzag fashion. The use of this paving will be stronger than direct locking. Price Paving Block Besides being used for locking, we can also use this triangular paving as a smaller hedge in the garden.

We need to remember together that the use of paving blocks must be adjusted to the needs of our use. Those are some recommendations from the most frequently used and often encountered Paving Block Types. Paving Block Prices Of course there are still many types of paving blocks on the market.

Cheap Paving Block Services in Kebagusan

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Cheap Paving Block Services in Kebagusan

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