Number Letter Puzzles is a beautiful wooden toy and a great educational tool to teach little ones about counting, colours and words. It is a perfect gift for a child that has proven to be very beneficial for them. Number Letter Puzzle toy is made out of high quality wood materials and will last for a very long time.

Both Numbers and Letters can be used to educate children. This Number Letter Puzzles toys makes learning fun. Kids can start by learning about colours and once that gets too easy, they can work on shapes. From shapes, kids can then learn the numbers and letters. Soon you can use the pieces to spell out different words and use the numbers for calculating.

We all like the way puzzles challenge our thinking. For toddlers and young children puzzles are equally important as it benefits them in developing intelligence and critical thinking. Number Letter Puzzles also increases their visual awareness which eventually benefits in developing analytical skills. Other that this, it can also help kids in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Number Letter Puzzles Includes:

Two Sets:

  • One with Alphabet A-Z
  • One with Numbers from 0-20

For Ages 2+ Years

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