One such field is the aviation sector. There is a lot of opportunities to work but a lack of skilled people. The identity and pride of this workplace. A carrier named Kevin-crew, Air Hostess. Airhostes Buckbincru, many people who came to the profession think it's a long time, and now it has become easier. In course of life with confidence and self-confidence, you can take the job opportunities in international air lines, not just Bangladesh. It is also possible to make high income with respect, not only glamor, it is possible for young people to work at air hostesses on behalf of their families. We are increasingly becoming a profession and compete with the international aircrafts.

Name of the post: Cabin crew / Air hostess / Flight Manager/  touristic gait / Flight Attendance / Receptionist / air Nurse / airline administrative aid / airline flight instructor / e-ticket booking /

What is salary income?

The cost of starting an air hostess and cabin crew is much higher than any ordinary job in Bangladesh. In the domestic airlines, the salary is low and the foreign airlines are skyscrapers. Qatar Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Air Atlanta start the airline's salaries, more than millions of rupees!

Top international airplane and country name

Qatar Airways is Skytrax's the best airline

DB Schenker (Germany)

Agility (Kuwait)

Aires (USA)

Nippon Express (Japan)

United Van Lines (USA)


Atlas Van Lines (USA)

Crown Relocations (Hong Kong

Shipco Transport (Denmark)

Leo Packers and Movers (India)

Settelen (Switzerland)

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