The ATC CNC router machine is designed with Hiteco aggregate head. This machine has a powerful Hiteco aggregate head and a movable rotating device. In addition to the typical application of ATC CNC machine tools to increase efficiency, the machine can also be used for milling, boring, and drilling. The movable rotating device saves space and is mainly used for carving cylinders, such as pillars, pillars, chair legs, etc.

Linear automatic tool changer: The number of linear tool magazines can be customized according to the user’s specific processing requirements. The position of the linear tool changer can be placed under the gantry or behind the bed. This tool change method has the advantages of low cost and fast tool change. Especially when the linear tool magazine is placed under the gantry, it can save tool change time, improve processing efficiency, reduce guide rail wear, and correspondingly extend the service life of the machine tool.

Hiteco ATC Spindle & C-axis: Hiteco is specialized in the design and manufacture of high technology industrial electromechanical components for machine tools. Hiteco electric spindles are commonly used in industrial 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers in the wood, plastic, advanced materials, glass, stone, and metal industries.

1000W High-power Yako servo motor and driver ensure high-speed and stable operation of the machine.

The FORSUN CNC Router comes with an industry-best 2-year warranty, lifetime technical support, and a reputation for outstanding customer service.

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