How Temperature affects the operation of your crane?
Temperature plays a major role in an EOT Crane’s operation.
The ambient temperature for an EOT Crane is normally from 0°C - 40°C.
At Lower Temperatures: >0°C
I. Low temperatures can reduce the crane’s tensile strength and can even cause it to fail. Hence the crane should be de-rated suitably depending on the

subzero temperature.
2. The lubricants used in the gearbox and moving parts should be suitably selected. The selected lubricants should effectively operate in subzero

3. The motors should be provided with Anti-Condensation heaters in cooler temperatures to prevent moisture build-up on electric windings.
4. The conductivity of the cable also decreases in subzero temperatures.
Hence considering the temperature at which the EOT Crane operates, it’s components/ sub-assemblies need to be carefully selected.
At Higher Temperatures: < 40°C
I. At higher temperatures, the motors get de-rated and thus the crane’s lifting capacity reduces. Suitable de-rating factors needs to be selected while selecting

the motors.
2. TheThe viscosity of the lubricants reduces significantly with the increase in temperature. Hence lubricant with higher viscosity needs to be selected.
3. The high-temperature resistant cable needs to be selected for EOT Cranes operating at higher temperatures. PVC cables may melt at higher temperatures

and increase the risk of short circuits. Hence high-temperature resistant cable only needs to be selected at higher temperatures.
4. Direct heat radiation onto the crane should be avoided. Hence heat sink should be provided in EOT Cranes being operated at higher temperatures.



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