Cell phones, workstations and endless other electronic gadgets are found in families from one side of the planet to the other. Regardless of whether it be staying in touch with friends and family or taking care of a job in a hurry these gadgets are an indispensable piece of our every day schedules.

The most well known shipments containing Lithium Batteries are as per the following:
Workstations and tablets
iPhones and iPads
Cell Phones
Estimating gear
Clinical gadgets
Electric bikes
Force apparatuses
Mechanized outside defibrillators
GPS and Navigation framework
Pulse screen
How to Schedule Courier Service of electronic devices
1. You can either book your home pickup with the above online link or can book on WhatsApp or through a phone call.
2. You can also manage and decide the time you want your order to be picked from home.
3. A pickup person will be sent as soon as possible and your parcel will be home picked.
4. We will give you the best price possible and discounts (if available) and surely it will be within your budget. (Get 10% discount in Dwarka).
5. You can pay the amount through Paytm or other online methods that you want.
6. From our side, we will try our best to drop your parcel on time.
7. You can easily track your parcel and know the location and procedure with the tracking ID.
We at Reliable Courier Service ensure that your parcel is safe and handled with care. We respect your privacy and make sure that your details are kept safe and secured.It is our duty to provide the best courier service to you and deliver your parcel as soon as possible and we charge a reliable amount for that.



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