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Brahman Cow/Calf Pairs

We have great quality Brahman replacement heifers, some pregnant Cows bred with the specific intent to satisfy the breeds objective which is all down to grass and Cow/Calf Pair; are as ready for Hauling to all States in the USA and Internationally as well.


Pregnant Beefmasters, Replacement Heifers And Cow Calf Pairs ( Cattle )

Careful selecting has developed our Beefmaster Heifers from long producing cows with quick breed back and good traits: Gentle, good feet, udders and mothering ability, ready to be put on your pasture. Raised and managed to produce beautiful calves and excellent replacement heifers.


Bred Charolais Cows, Open Heifers And Cows/calves Pair ( Cattle )

We have Bred Charolais Cows, Open heifers ready to breed and Cows/Calves with superior performance, the structural efficiency and functional disposition to meet breed expectations. Our Charolais are healthy, gentle, vet checked, raised on grass and wormed.

Guernsey Calves, Heifers And Springers: A2 Milk Yield ( Cattle )

Healthy Guernsey Calves, Heifers and Springers for sale with excellent value for quality A2/A2 milk yield, high rate of gain and breed conformation. We ship in and out of the country.


Jersey Replacement Heifers And Pregnant Cows A2 Tested ( Cattle )

We breed and supply \"top notch A2/A2 tested Jersey replacement Heifers and Pregnant Cows with the structural efficiency and functional correctness\" Can ship all over the States and oversea.


Brown Swiss (braunvieh) Open Heifers And Bred Cows A2/a2 Genetics ( Cattle )

Open Heifers and Bred (Braunvieh) Brown Swiss Cows A2/A2 genetics with years of experience in breeding and selecting quality animals, we desire to deliver quality Cattle within the States and abroad.


Quality Milky Mini Jersey Cows For Sale ( Cattle )

If you are looking for a high quality milk cow to build your homestead around, and to fall in love with, please contact us about more information regarding our stock. We would be honored to help you on the next step of self-sufficient living!
Let\'s discuss just a few of their most admirable qualities.



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