Do you know? The location tracker of KENT CamEye can solve majorly all problems linked with a moving or parked car. This state-of-the-art car security device has inbuilt route playback system that records video throughout the journey travelled by a vehicle. This pre-eminent location tracker maintains daily statistics report, real-time GPS location, place of interest Alert, Unknown person on driver seat Alert, trip start Alert, geo-fencing Alert, and more. KENT CamEye maintains details of various miscellaneous data which sometimes become extremely useful like alerts for over speeding, GPS position, temperature, AC-ON/OFF, and noise. Its dashcam uses dual cameras and records everything happening inside and outside the car. KENT CamEye allows a user with live video streaming to remain in-touch with riders throughout the journey for a safe voyage. This location tracker functions even at no connectivity with a battery backup up to 24 hours. Get this advanced location tracker and make your car and passenger trackable on real-time and prevent any unforeseen exigencies.



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