These tablets are made in Turkey - not by Lilly. 

How are these tablets safe and effective, you ask? The same way you can find Ciprofloxacin for Rs. 5 per tablet while Ciproxin (original patented product) is for Rs. 50 per tablet. Both are equally effective and safe. One company just spent more on R&D and marketing. 

The same logic applies here. We make sure the tablets are made by a company with good track record and we conduct independent lab-tests before importing to make sure the tablets contain only 100% Tadalafil.

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  • Free delivery on all orders! ????
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  • Maximum 2 working days for deliveries, anywhere in Pakistan! ????
  • All orders are packaged in such a way that nobody can see or tell what is inside the package ????
  • The product or the company is not described on the packaging or the courier slip ????

Cialis 20mg Price in Pakistan is Rs 2,000.00 PKR


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