The beauty of the Devi Kali lies in her ferocity and invincibility. The very picture of her is enough to make the adharmee tremble with fear. Each of Her ten arms ('dasha' in Sanskrit means 'ten'; 'bhuja', 'arm') bears a deadly weapon of divine prowess. She uses them to slay adharmees, whose severed heads are hanging in the garland that hangs down her neck all the way to her thigh (myth has it that the number of heads in this signature garland derives from the Sanskrit varnamala or alphabet).  A skirt of severed arms exposes her long legs, a token of the samarpan (offering) of one's karma-yoga made by her devotees. With one foot she pins down her husband, the destroyer of the universe, Lord Shiva Himself, who lies there with a knee and a hand, clasped around the damru, raised.

Hindu Goddess

Brass Statue


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