Of all the different layers of concentration expounded in the yogasootras, it is the seeded kind that is aided by visualisation imagery oil painting. By seeded, Maharshi Patanjali meant the state of the mind that still contains the singular remnant of a dying impression (sanskara). The abstract oil painting that you see on this page is a visualisation aid designed to propel the mind of the yogi towards seeded samadhi. It is a fine mix of solid pastel tones blending into a vortex at the Bindu (dot) in the center. It is an absorbing scarlet color, surrounded by white and gold and earthier greens, blues, and browns. The brushstrokes that make up the multitude of colors in the vortex are extended upwards into panels of aquamarine blue and the colour of fire. This is the most striking aspect of the composition.

Oil Painting


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