I have worked in the Media and Entertainment Industry for over forty years. This has included script writing, script sales, talent development, talent management, casting, promotion, project production, directing and fundraising. Our team has access to the very top tier of funding and Industry decision makers in both LA and New York.

I specialize in helping other creatives with career strategy, personal brand development, specialty event production, PR, promotion and marketing. This is a great way for anyone to jumpstart their career and/or meet new success goals, raise funding or meet career decision makers. Most of our clients double their income within 30 days by working with our team and following our recommendations. 

To see more about me, my team and our work in New York and LA, do a cursory Google Search on “Michael David McGuire”. To discuss your specific career needs, reply to this Craigs List post to request scheduling a phone call. The initial retainer for our project and career development work is $900, however, there is no fee for the initial phone consultation.

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