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PT. SOEBANDI RAJA AGRICULTURE is a Hybrid Corn Seed Producer that uses the best quality raw materials and is packaged in a PREMIUM design. The packaging material uses polyethylene with a minimum thickness of 0.8 micron so that it is airtight and resistant to temperature changes so that it can prevent a decrease in the quality of Corn Seeds.

Advantages of Golden Premium 21 Products:
• Potential Yield 12 Tons/Ha
• Hold Down
• High Yield Yield

We are ready to serve wholeheartedly and provide an easy and safe shopping experience. For more information, please contact the number below. Thank you

Head Office :
Gem Orange Block Orchid I No. 10,
district. Lowokwaru,
Malang city,
East Java 65143

(Near PJ Global Primary School)

Mr. Rendarta


Email Adress : Blank Contact No : 08113655622



Ponorogo, JI, Indonesia