Luxury faux fur rugs may be vegan-friendly and a step against animal cruelty, but they hardly compare to the comfort of genuine sheepskin and cowhide rugs. You would agree if you had one! The use of natural materials makes them exceptionally comfortable to tread on. Whether you lay them on the floors or hang them on sofa backs, you are going to enjoy exceptional levels of warmth and comfort, second to none.

Despite years of usage, luxury fur rugs hardly succumb to foot traffic, and the fibres retain their loft throughout. Given the benefits, what is still stopping you? Is it the guilt of animal cruelty? Take it easy! The real hide is sourced sustainably from animals that are farmed so that it does not have an impact on their population. Go ahead and purchase from a wide range of colours at! We bet you are going to enjoy the affordability as much as we love presenting them to you.



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