Reliance jio industries are the biggest in India and also we get a great response outside in India, the company maintained a good identity outside the country as well. It is only because of the customers that we have reached these heights today and we never let our success ladder stop. We did the same things so that people could move forward in the world of technology. Due to this, the Reliance jio network has spread all over the world today.



Dhirubhai Ambani is the father of Reliance Commercial Corporation founded in 1966. In the starting days, it was known as a polyester firm which was changed to Reliance Industries on 8 May 1973. The company worked in many sectors like financial services, petroleum refining, the power sector, and so on.

Reliance's journey started from here and has never stopped so far. This company got more strength when his two sons took over the responsibility of this company. Then to date, the company never looked back and kept on moving forward in the world of truth. Both his sons took the company to such heights that Reliance's name comes in the top 10 best companies of the world.

When the success kissed the feet of this company, then the company launched many new and popular schemes, one of which is considered to be Jio CompanyJio Telecom has become a very big name today it started a plan that caused panic in the companies of the whole country. We made the service of high-speed internet and VOLTE calling absolutely free. We have more than 426.2 million Jio 4G SIM activated in India. The main reason for this is that we provided all the services to the people absolutely free of cost and people have also benefited a lot from these services of ours. It has been found in a survey that people are very much connected to the world of internet since our company provides this plan and we feel very proud that we did this good work for our countrymen and will continue to do such things in future also.

Keeping in view the increase in the number of our active JIO 4G SIMS day by day, the company has taken the decision that Jio Towers should be installed in every area. The more Jio towers you have around you, the better calling and internet services you will be able to reach. More than seven thousand jio mobile towers are to be installed across the country, out of which only a few jio reliance towers have been completed and many more towers are yet to be installed. If you want that you want to install a Jio tower on the roof of your land or house, then contact us today we will provide you all the details of this process.

We suggest you before applying a tower installation read all terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the company so that you do not face any further confusion. Jio office has opened across the country. You can search "Jio office near me" then you will find the nearest jio company branch of your's location. But due to the COVID-19, all offline works are temporarily closed. You don't have to worry here too because we started all our services online.


How do complaints about jio tower work?

Reliance is the largest telecom company in India and also their many branches are spread outside the country. More than 60 million active users so far, so we have a large number of tower installations work and many of them are completed. If you are a member of Jio Company and your property has been selected for 4G/5G mobile tower installation, and you are facing any issue then you can complain to us we will assure you that your issues will resolve as soon as possible.

First of all, make sure that your jio tower installation work is not in process or there is coming to any problem during the work, so you can complain to us without hesitation or contact us on our jio tower complaint number. So let us provide you with all the information about how the jio tower complaint works.


If you have reviewed that you are really facing problems in this matter, then you should complain to us immediately. We will solve all your problems as soon as possible. When you make a complaint about jio tower installation, the company reviews the location of your tower through its staff or engineer and sees if there is really any such problem. After the verification of this thing, the work of correcting your tower will be started. In most cases, your issue will be solved within 3 days but due to coronavirus, it may take a little longer but there is nothing to panic about because our engineers will not come from there until your work is done.


Some questions are constantly being asked by people to Jio

Ques: I have paid money for this but work is not starting?

Many people complain that they have given money for the tower installation of Jio company but their work has not started yet. So all we would like to ask him is whether he got this work done by us or through an agent or any other website. If you have started this work from some other place and have filled the money there then it may be that your money has not yet reached the Jio company due to which your work is paused. So we would request you to fill out the above-mentioned jio tower complaint form with all the details so that we can review your form and solve your problem as soon as possible.

Ques: How to get jio tower complaint mail id?

You can communicate with us via mail id of jio tower complaint office. Contact us in any way you feel comfortable with. If you want to get a jio tower complaint email then you can visit our contact us page.

Ques: How to get reliance jio tower complaint no?

You can visit the contact page or its footer and you will get a jio tower complaint no. This is 24x7 jio mobile tower customer care service toll-free number.

Ques: Jio tower rent complaint?

If your tower rent is not reaching your account on time, then you should contact us immediately. There are some problems due to Covid-19, but it will not happen that your money will stop.

Ques: Why is the advanced amount of Jio tower still not transferred?

If you have cleared all the taxes then your advance amount should be completely transferred (please re-confirm your account details). If your account details are correct then contact us today regarding this matter.

Ques: I want to refund my all payment?

If you have paid any kind of charges like processing fees, agreement fee, or any other payment and you want that your work should not be done anymore and whatever you have paid should be returned, then registered your complaint against refunding.

Ques: If someone tells they are from Jio Telecom Company

Such incidents are happening a lot these days that many people are coming to us and saying that they have filled the application form for installing a Jio tower and they have also paid the processing fee, agreement fee, and more but their work has not progressed and even we are not able to get in touch with them or are they asking for more charges. "So we want to tell you that apart from our company there is no other company present in India which allows jio tower installation". This shows that you have fallen into the wrong hands. So stop contacting such people as soon as possible and file a complaint regarding these matters on our website today.

We have tried that almost all the popular questions have been shared here but if you want to read more questions related to jio tower complaints then you can visit the FAQ page.


For  more details visit the website: Jio Tower Installation Complaint Office

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