Do you want a unique emote / sub badge?

do you want cool emote / sub badge?

Do you want a different emote / sub badge than the others?

here it is,

welcome to the door of my gig.

I will do excellent art work for your emote / sub badge,


for emoticon and sub badges I gave size:

1000x1000 pixels (emotes & sub-badges)

112x112 pixel (emotes)

72x72 pixels (sub-badges)

56x56 pixel (emotes)

36x36 pixels (sub-badges)

28x28 pixel (emotes)

18x18 pixel (sub-badges)


do not hesitate to hit me up, immediately ask what you want, my order door is open for everything you want, I will do my best for you, because your satisfaction is my priority!

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