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PAZ Al Kasaw Method Therapy:
- No Operation
- No Tools
- No Drugs
- No Massage
- No Savings
- No Injections
- No occult
Provide therapy for various ailments and health complaints

Branch :
- Pemalang (Mr. Agung Tribowo Lumowa, S.Pt)
WA : 081902675039
-For female patients (brothers)
(Midwife Evi Andriani, S.Tr.Keb) WA 08156581673

- Batang (Mr. Nizam Alfarisi, ST)
WA : 082137217906

Complaints Specialist:
1. Asthma and pinched nerves (lumbago, HNP/LBP)
2. Stroke
3. Heart, Diabetes, and Hypertension
4. Breast Bump
5. Scoliosis
6. GERD / Stomach Acid / Gastritis
7. Uric Acid and Cholesterol
8. Autoimmunity (itching, joint pain, allergies, etc.)
9. Various headaches (often Dizziness, Vertigo, Migraine, etc.)
10. Brochitis, Pneumonia (infection, pneumonia, pneumonia)
11. Sinusitis, Hemorrhoids, Epilepsy
12. Hernia, Prostate
13. Pregnancy Program, complaints of pregnant women and normal delivery programs

Complaints on Children and Babies:
- Speech delay
- Down Syndrome
- Seizures, Epilepsy
- Autism
- Cerebral Palsy
- Frequent bedwetting
- Slow growth
- etc

-Female patients (akhwat) are handled by female therapists (akhwat)

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