OKM EXP 6000 Professional Plus Metal Detector
EXP 6000 best 3d metal detector for archaeological treasures.
EXP 6000 is considered the most powerful metal detector thanks to its wide range
of metal detecting and ground scanning capabilities with the most complete features set.
#EXP_6000 uses a unique Germany technology from OKM in the field of 3D Imaging search system
the first geophysical detection system in the world with the best results.
EXP 6000 is a multi-purpose metal detector suitable for any professional prospector
as it can be used to detect all kinds of underground objects such as buried golden treasures
all metals such as silver and bronze, plus any hidden underground structures like tunnels.
EXP 6000 is a 3D imaging metal detector that uses a special set of probes for ground scanning
and all scanned data display in a 3D graphics format that gives a detailed overview
about all buried objects underground with an accurate presentation on the computer.
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EXP 6000 gold & metal detector is available now with free shipping worldwide via DHL.
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