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Soq Valley Skardu is in the Skardu District of Gilgit-Baltistan, northern Pakistan. The Valley, at 2,500 metres (8,200 ft) in elevation, is Soq Valley Skardu. The Soq Valley Skardu is in the Karakoram mountain range of the western Himalayas, the greater Kashmir region, and in the Indus River basin. Soq Valley Skardu is of clear water and has a depth of 70 metres (230 ft). In summer it has a temperature of 15 °C. In winter the surface is frozen solid. The upper Indus River flows nearby at a lower elevation.

Beauty of Soq Valley

The beauty of the Soq Valley Skardu is almost untampered and mostly unexplored by travelers, due to lack of infrastructure owing to its rough terrain. The area has a rich flora of the Western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests ecoregion, and also known for its wild apricot – Prunus armeniaca orchards. Recreation activities at Soq Valley Skardu include hiking, trout fishing, and Himalaya mountaineering.

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