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Bio-aqua whitening cream gently moisturizing the skin, to feature plenty of moisture and vitamins balance water and oil, to help to cast off acne, acne and gives pores and skin smoothness delicate to smooth and wet.
Bio-aqua cream gentle pores and skin moisturizing.
Bio-aqua cream provides stability vitamins to the skin.
Bio-aqua cream removes pimples, pimples & dullness.
Bio-aqua cream nourish pores and skin.
Bio-aqua cream assists in the advantage of easy & smooth pores and skin.
Natural ingredients:
With herb extracts for all skin types. our whitener can Provides you with smooth and brightening skin effectively and naturally.
Care for all your body:
Bio-aqua skin whitening cream designed for lightening and moisturizing dark or dry skin of your body especially areola, nipples, groin, knee, neck, legs, etc.
Developed for skin with color spots:
Bio-aqua Give your skin a brighter and radiant glow that you desire. Good for the elimination of melasma and freckles, age spots, and other spots.
Lightening and Even Complexion:
Moisturizing, lighten, tighten and tender your skin, accurately decompose and discharge black pigments, eliminate color spots, and improve skin color.Home Delivery Free All over Pakistan
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