What is ADHD in adults?

In adults, the main features of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may include restlessness, poor time management skills, impulsiveness, trouble multitasking, poor planning, frequent mood swings, hot temper, and low frustration tolerance, among many others. Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can lead to low self-esteem, poor school or work performance, unstable relationships, and other problems.

What can do when ADHD Symptims 

Who can diagnose ADHD?

Health care professionals such as child psychologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians can diagnose ADHD with the help of guidelines from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or the American Academy of Pediatrics. There isn't a single test used to diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Medical experts diagnose ADHD when a person has shown all or some of the symptoms on a regular basis for more than six months and in more than a single setting.

The diagnosis in children involves gathering data from various sources, like parents, caregivers, and schools. The health care professional will note how a child's behavior compares with other children the same age, and they can use standardized rating scales to document these behaviors. 

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