What causes Bursitis?

 Bursitis can happen from an infection, an injury, or a pre-existing condition such as gout, which can form crystals to form in a bursa.


Physical trauma may irritate the tissue inside the bursa and cause inflammation. This trauma is more likely to occur because of an impact injury or overuse of the tendons, joints, or muscles near the bursa. Overuse is usually the result of repetitive joint movements?.

The cause of this medical condition can determine the area of your body affected. Some possible reasons are: 

? Knee: Repeated, continuous kneeling can cause injury and swelling of the bursae in the knee area.

? Elbow: Repetitive elbow bending can cause damage and inflammation. Hence this condition is a problem among golfers and tennis players.

? Shoulder: Repetitive overhead lifting or reaching heights can cause shoulder bursitis

? Ankle: Injury of the ankle can happen if walking excessively and with the wrong shoes.

? Buttocks: The bursae near the lower pelvis can inflame after sitting on a hard surface for a prolonged time, such as on a bicycle. Here, an individual may notice discomfort in both buttocks and legs.

? Hips: Hip bursitis can occur due to excessive stair climbing, running, or standing for an extended time

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