Gold Legend metal detector from Geo-ground is a new and distinctive release for treasure hunters and prospectors with a new developed technology that includes Long-Range Locating technology and Ionic field detection within five integrated search systems that provide the prospector with necessary tools for detection of underground burials to great depths.

Features of the Gold Legend Gold Legend device:
The sensor can detect targets up to 3000 meters at the front level
The depth of the search reaches 40 meters below ground level
The device works with 5 systems
* Long range search
* Free Frequency System
* the ionic system
* The bionic system
* Intelligent depth measurement system
The device contains 11 different programs for the objectives, including (burials - raw gold - gold veins - blanks - diamonds and precious stones) and other precious metals
The device has 8 languages for ease of use
German industry
3 years’ warranty
Golden Detector Company for the sale of gold and treasure detectors
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