Green Mask Stick Is Formulated With Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Mask Stick For Face, Purifying Solid Clay Stick Mask, 

Blackheads Remover Acne Oil Control & Clean Pore For Women And Men,

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 Get Rid Of Stubborn Blackheads And Unclog The Blocked Pores With The Green Tea Purifying Clay Stick Mask. Accumulated Dirt, Oil, And Makeup Residue In The Facial Pores Are The Main Reasons For Various Skin Problems. Thus, The Green Mask Stick For Blackheads Deeply Cleanses The Clogged Pore To Make Skin Healthy, Glowing, And Clear. It Contains Natural And Herbal Ingredients That Promote Skin Detoxification And Skin Rejuvenation. If You Want To Give It A Try For Blackhead Removal, Buy It Now From Our Platform For EtsyHerbalShop.Com Online Shopping In Pakistan.

Where To Buy Green Mask Stick In Pakistan?
Buy Green Mask Stick online at Is best online store to Buy Green Mask Stick in Pakistan.

How To Use Green Mask Stick?
Use green mask stick by simply applying on face,
Leave the green tea cleansing mask on your face for 15 minutes,
Once the green mask stick to remove blackheads has dried up, wash it off with water (or wipe it from a wet towel).

· Turn Out The Green Mask Stick For Face Blackheads And Apply Directly To Your Face. Avoid Using It Around Your Eyes. Let It Dry For At Least 10 Minutes And Wipe It Off With Plain Water. You Can Use It Every Weak To Keep Your Skin Look Beautiful, Clean, And Fresh.

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