I will handle your mailchimp email marketing platform.

Do you know that mailchimp as a features that boost your marketing, traffic, conversion, advertising, brand identity and lots more. It has an unlimited offer to build long lasting-relationship with your clients.


Mailchimp is the largest CRM platforms with amazing features with website integration and bonuses that will boost your conversion.


How to do email marketing in mailchimp deals with creativity with unique design on landing pages template, conversion email campaign set for your main desire. The best email marketing flow with mailchimp is outstanding and work on your ecommerce store with different niche.


You can add more than 200k members on your account. I will set up free account for you and run effective marketing for you!


Here are some services I work on mailchimp:

  • Mailchimp integration
  • Welcome & thank you email
  • Anniversary email/ Offer design
  • Pop-up design/signup form
  • Landing pages
  • Create google survey form
  • campaign setup
  • Email copywriting
  • Mailchimp email automation
  • Email newsletter & template
  • Abandoned cart and lots more




Email Adress : Blank Contact No : 08108682522



Denver City, TX, USA