Searching for flats which are available in Hajipur? Flats in Hajipur which starts from 38 lakh. Here we provide you with a well-equipped and fully furnished room in Flats. That Distance is nearby 10 km from Patna. We are offering you Flats in Hajipur which starts from 38 lakh. Flats with a well-equipped and fully furnished room. The Kanishka Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. providing a fully furnished property in nearby hajipur with awesome amenities. Residential flats for living in Kamini Jagannath Maheshwari Palace in which flats are started selling. These residential Flats in Hajipur are offered by us. Call – 8586899899 for more details Address- Corp Office 6B/ 26 A, Tilak Marg, North S.K puri, Patna- 800013 Site Address- Paswan Chowk, Rajput Colony, Hajipur Vaishali (Bihar)


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