Back in 2001, Keruilai was just getting started with cooling pads and air cooling technology. In today’s time of rapid industrialization, Keruilai is highly experienced in unparalleled innovation. It has achieved the highest level of industry quality certifications and also has received several accolades proving its everlasting legacy in providing the highest quality air coolers to its customers. 

At Keruilai we take our commitment towards innovation very seriously. Our air coolers are designed for our customers in a way to offer them clean and fresh air. We strive hard to continue doing so in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. The constant drive to serve our customers with the best air cooler possible and latest technology is what has made us industry leaders and we plan to drive our growth by continually providing our customers with cutting edge technology air coolers.

Through complete dedication and commitment, Keruilai has established itself as a high tech empire in Guangdong province successfully. But the journey doesn’t stop here. Today, Keruilai has its presence in most parts of Asia, including China and India. 
Our company has served a versatile clientele from all around the globe and includes the biggest names such as McDonald, Nestle, Honda, Dunlop, and many more. 

Portable Air Coolers

A portable air cooler is the best energy-efficient and easy to move air cooling solutions available. You can easily drag your portable cooler across rooms and get fresh air there. They are practical and can be packed easily if want to move somewhere else. Unlike a standard air conditioning system, portable air coolers are known to draw out moisture from the air and are more sustainable in the long run. A portable cooler offers the right mix between functionality and durability, which is why you can opt for this.

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