Gold Hunter Long Range Metal and Gold Detector from Golden Detector company
The Gold Hunter is very easy to use and can be always ready to go with you anywhere in the world.

Gold Hunter is a specific device to detect an old buried Gold, Diamond, and gemstone which were more than ten years Underground. Thankful for the Super Antenna that recognizes the IONIC Magnetics Fields, the device is allowing you to find your target with the most exciting Long Range System device on the market.

Gold Hunter Device is one of the Best German Innovations with European c? Certification according to International Specifications.

The Gold Hunter has the most advanced search system:

Natural gold and veins of gold and gold nuggets and underground mines search system.
Diamonds underground search system.
Silver underground search system.
Caves and voids and the ancient tombs underground search system.
Gemstones underground search system
The Gold Hunter device allowing you to search up to 35 meters Underground and up to 2000 meters’ front range. you can select with the front long-range from 500m – 1,000m – 1,500m – 2,000m (meters).

The Gold Hunter device is building from a Single Super Antenna and 4 Small Antenna witch searching and sending a signal to detect the ionic fields from your demand target.

The Gold Hunter menu is very easy to use and allowing to use in English, Arabic, German and French language

The Gold Hunter has Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase in German industry first class according to international standards.

GOLD HUNTER device is one of the best German innovations with European c? certification according to international specifications
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